Our Blog Page

Welcome to our new Blog page 23/06/2019.

You can look forward to our updates on Moorcraft Sheepskin Shop, and events in Cheddar Gorge. 

23/06/2019 The weather in the Gorge today is overcast and humid, with light rain showers. Wink

 Milly wear testing our Leather Moccasins. 24/06/2019 Cool

  That was hard work!!!! Laughing


03/07/2019 Enjoy a trip to Cheddar Gorge, the weather has settled and is ideal for an enjoyable day out.


17/07/2019 The sun still shines on Cheddar Gorge. When the sun goes down try one of our new additions.

     Ladies reversable wrap £20

    Ladies pastel striped wrap £20

    Ladies multi colour waterfall waistcoat £20