Our Blog Page

Welcome to our new Blog page 23/06/2019.

You can look forward to our updates on Moorcraft Sheepskin Shop, and events in Cheddar Gorge. 

23/06/2019 The weather in the Gorge today is overcast and humid, with light rain showers. Wink

 Milly wear testing our Leather Moccasins. 24/06/2019 Cool

  That was hard work!!!! Laughing


03/07/2019 Enjoy a trip to Cheddar Gorge, the weather has settled and is ideal for an enjoyable day out.


17/07/2019 The sun still shines on Cheddar Gorge. When the sun goes down try one of our new additions.

     Ladies reversable wrap £20

    Ladies pastel striped wrap £20

    Ladies multi colour waterfall waistcoat £20


29/08/2019 As summer 2019 draws to an end, we would like to thank all our lovely customers for your support. Our shelves are stocked and ready to go for your Autumn essentials. NEVER to early for slippers! Wink