Toscana Sheepskin Cuffs in Caramel

Product Ref: Toscana Cuffs

Price from: £29.00

NEW: Reversable Toscana Sheepskin Cuffs.

Our UniqueToscana Sheepskin Cuffs are reversable. They look suburb worn over the sleeve of your sweater for a sophiscated look, with either all Toscana wool showing, or the suede side showing with the Toscana trim. They can also be worn under the sleeve. When measureing your wrist allow approx 1cm extra to be worn over your sweater.

Colour: Caramel Toscana

Sold as a pair.

Wrist measurement sizes: Small: 15-17cm  /  Medium: 17-20cm  /  Large: 20-23cm  /  Extra Large: 23-25cm.

Cut by Adriana, made by Jan in our Workshop.

Made by Moorcraft